Paradise Bay Beach Resort & Spa


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A zero carbon (windmill energy) green vacation

We are located amidst a huge natural park where you can walk for hours and feel like Robinson Crusoe.                    At Paradise Bay you truly get away from it all: No TV, no traffic, nothing that reminds you to a too busy life.

Escape to Paradise

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 Get away from it all

Our windmill changed the skyline

Our windmill -first in the region- will supply 150% of the resort’s energy needs and therewith ensures a Carbon Free Stay. We go a step further by compensating the carbon emissions of all guest’s flights and therefore guarantee a Carbon Free Vacation.

 Paradise Bay takes her sustainable mission serious. Next to the wind energy, solar water heaters and energy saving lamps and equipment the resort employs staff from the area, has social programs, The resort uses locally grown organic vegetables and amenities. We presented energy conservation and sustainable tourism to senior hotel executives at the Hospitality Finance and Technology Conference in Montego Bay Dec.11, 2007 (papers)

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What to expect

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